Summer Tales #5


"I honestly don't like the summer at all! I don't like the beach and I hate the sand. I'd rather stay in New York. It is great to explore the city when everybody is on vacation. I like going to art museums. On Friday evening, for example, the MET is open until 9pm. But really, I just work a lot. I own a fashion label with my husband, and our garments are made in the Garment District in NYC. We do production in the summer, so we're there a lot doing quality control: trying to eliminate leftover threads, check for overlapping stitches, etc. We are a little obsessive about it, but it is hard to let go... haha. But it's not just about ensuring that the work is done properly, it's also chatting with the seamstresses, talking about how things are done, etc. We learn a lot and it helps our design process to understand every step of how a garment is made."

Lilly Lampe is the co founder of blluemade, a fashion label dedicated to unisex linen garments inspired by workwear clothing, vintage farming, historic textiles and traveling. In the pictures above she combined some of her pieces with our swimsuits. Check it out: blluemade

Photos by Joanna Jankowska


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