Summer Tales #2

Outside all day every day

"Every year when Summer begins, I feel like I've come back to life. I'll spend as much time outside as I can. After work, I love staying out late in the evening and wandering around the city. I like strolling, meeting friends, and going dancing. A lot of pals live around me in Bed Stuy, so we'll often hang out in the neighborhood there. And I love the beach, Far Rockaway in particular. On weekends, a group of friends and I will pack up a bunch of food, head down there, and hang out until night falls. The best time there is the golden hour, when the temperature drops and you watch as the day slowly fades away."

Kia is a yoga instructor and a children's art teacher. In her spare time she likes to do ceramics but keeps it casual. Check them out on Instagram .

 Photos by Joanna Jankowska


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