Fave Read - The Book of Tea

It reminds me of my culture

I know Minho from ballet class. We go together every week and sometimes she is the substitute teacher of the class. I asked her what her favorite book is and she brought “The Book of Tea” by Tenshin Okakura. It was originally written in English in 1905 for the Western audience. It is about the Japanese tea ceremony and touches subjects such as Zen and Taoism. It is about how tea taught the Japanese many things, most important simplicity.

Miho came to New York City in 2003. She told me that she always had little interest in her culture but recently it came back to it. She learned how to wear a Kimono and is going to learn how to do the tea ceremony and the Japanese flower arrangement. All of which takes months to learn.

The Book of Tea by Tenshin Okakura

Miho is wearing earrings by Jane D'Arensbourg and our Camo Crop Top Ice


Here Miho is wearing the Camo Suit Plum 


And last but not least the Curve Top Plum


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