Summer tales #1

As a German, hot weather is incredibly valuable to me. Where I come from, there is no real summer... at least like there is here. Much like the typical German person's temperament, Germany's weather is moderate and reserved. A typical German summer contains brief moments of enjoyable warm weather, countered with plenty of rainy periods in the mid 60's. So when there is an occasional stretch of hot days, it's time for us to enjoy ourselves: sit in the park, eat tons of ice cream, and stay out late on a warm night. Here in New York City I visited six women to ask them what they like to do in the summer... and found that a diverse set of women will produce a diverse set of answers. My assumption that everybody loves summer was proven incorrect pretty quickly. In the following weeks, we'll reveal each of these six summer stories.


"I love going out to Fire Island. It's a very narrow island running along the south shore of Long Island. I go there often during long summer days to laze around Cherry Grove. The area is known for its wild parties, and the houses are all decorated and have funny names. But when I go, I bring friends and all we do is relax: eat the whole day, walk around, collect driftwood, read books. The landscape is beautiful, all under federal protection. Fine sand dune beaches, swamp land, and forests as wild as you can imagine. And snakes, btw. When you face the Atlantic ocean on the south side, you're actually looking towards South Africa or so someone told me. When the tide goes out an enormous even surface forms on the beach, like a huge mirror. It feels like you are walking on water."

When she's not on Fire Island, Patrizia runs a research center at a major university. Originally from Germany, she's lived in NYC for over a decade now. She's found that the pace of New York City suits her naturally.

Photos by Joanna Jankowska

Anna Berger