Deta was founded by Anna Berger, Communication Designer, who recently moved from Berlin to NYC. The label is experimenting in the field of knitwear but is also questioning social boundaries by working with local senior citizens. Seeking to make garments versatile and comfortable, Deta is giving retro styles a contemporary look.

The Patron

„Deta“ is Anna`s grand aunt „Tante Käthe“. Her and her cousins could not say her name when they were little so it just turned into Deta. That name stuck with her ever since. She has been an inspiring person to Anna, because she did not follow any rules. The kids spend nearly every summer vacation at her house and it was always the best fun. Deta would allow them to cook a vanilla pudding in the middle of the night and let them add some pasta to it, because, why not. It just blew Anna's my mind that she would let her drink fever medicine, because Anna really liked the taste of it. Anna dedicated the label to her because she wishes to achieve such an open mind towards boundaries but at the same time stay approachable. Moreover it is also dedicated to this generation of women that have learned to cherish what they have and live resourcefully. Women who taught hte next generation to wear their wardrobe for a long time and take good care of it. Knowing how to sew their own clothes and being resourceful by default. Women, that the label Deta is now working with to develop and produce their products.

Support your local Handwerk

Every season Deta is incorporating hand-made products in the collection. They are co-developed and produced with local seniors. In Berlin (under the name e.a.seawear) crocheted pieces were designed and produced with a group of seniors and a Turkish hand craft group. A lot of seniors have some extra time and are crazy about hand-craft. So why not steer this energy into bikinis? There are benefits for both sides: The seniors help the label with theirs skills, whilst the label gives them an additional income. Moreover it is fun to work together and join to demographics, that usually wouldn't touch.